Configuring Your Shooting Mode in GemCam Control Panel

GemCam: Taking Images and Videos

The GemCam control panel offers a range of settings and functions that enable users to configure their preferred shooting mode.

Turntable angle settings

Users can choose the angle and speed of the GemLightbox Pro's turntable for their preferred shooting setup.

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Auto Focus

The autofocus feature in the GemCam enables the camera to automatically adjust focus on your jewelry piece, ensuring a clear and sharp focus on the subject.




The zoom function enables users to magnify the view before capturing a shot.

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GemAI (Pro Plan)

The GemAI function enables users to select the AI feature to be applied directly to the images before saving them in the Gallery.

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Product description

Automatically generate product descriptions for the jewelry piece once an image is captured.

Remove background

Automatically position your jewelry piece on a white background after capturing the image.


Automatically enhance your jewelry piece images with the AI Retouch function after capture.

Auto Photography

This function enables users to automatically capture images while recording a video.

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Choose the appropriate GemLightbox preset to apply the correct filter when taking shots.

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Choose the appropriate GemLightbox scenario for the recommended settings for different jewelry types to apply when using the GemCam.

Setting up - Scenario


Image Processing Parameters

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Raise the brightness to lighten the image and lower it to darken the image. This will uniformly impact the entire image.


Modify the tone to achieve a warmer or cooler appearance to the image.


Adjust saturation to enhance or mute colors in your image.


Increase the sharpness to enhance the definition of the edges and details of the image and decrease it to create a softer, more diffused appearance.


Enhances or decrease the distinction between the light and dark areas to make the image appear more vibrant and dynamic or softer and less defined.


Change the hue to shift the entire color spectrum of the image. For example, adjusting the hue of a red object might make it appear more orange or magenta or blue.


Select the resolution that you will prefer before your shoot. For maximum resolution, set it to 2160 x 2160px.

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Reset to Default

Restore the settings in the GemCam to default by tapping on the Reset to Default button. This will undo any adjustments or changes made and return them to their initial state.

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Check this to allow for your photos to save as 300DPI only. 

300 DPI

Enable Logo Watermark

This feature will allow you to be able to add a watermark to your images while using the GemCam.

Here are the steps on using the feature:

To use this feature, toggle on the Enable watermark feature and a window to upload logo will pop up.

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Select the correct resolution setting before uploading the logo so that less adjustments are needed after the logos are loaded.

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Click and drag your logo or upload it through the ‘Browse File’ button. The logo can be uploaded in JPEG, JPG or PNG. For uploads in PNG, please note that it will be loaded as a transparent file.

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Once loaded, your logo will show at the top of the preview screen.

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You may adjust the position of the logo by clicking and dragging the image to its desired position.

Each image can allow for up to 2 logos to be added.

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You can remove or change each logo by selecting them individually.

Additionally, you can adjust the transparency of the logo using the logo opacity slider.

water mark 6Once you’re finished, simply click on Save to save the logo and its position, and you can start shooting!

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