Setting Up Your GemCam

We heard you: you loved the simplicity of smartphones, but wanted better photo quality for your jewelry.

That’s why we made the GemCam. It’s a desktop camera tailored just for jewelry. With enhanced lighting, a macro lens for 5X more zoom, and an easy plug into your computer, take your GemLightbox and photography to the next level.

GemCam: Setting Up

Capturing the perfect shot is as easy as 1, 2, GemCam!


💡GemCam can only be operated using a computer.It is connected via the USB - C cable which also acts as a power cable. Customers using only a USB A cable can connect by attaching the USB C connector to the USB A adapter before linking it to the computer.

  1. Connect the GemCam to the computer and power it on. A green indicator will signal that it's turned on.
  2. Log in to GemHub by visiting After logging in, you'll find an option for GemCam.

    💡 For Mac users, download the GemLightbox Application and launch the application before operating the GemCam function.

  3. Select the GemCam button to initiate the shooting process.

GemCam: Connecting GemLightbox Pro

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The GemCam function empowers users to control the GemCam through various settings available in the control panel.

Turntable Settings

To connect to the GemLightbox Pro, click on the ‘Connect’ button.


A popup screen featuring the option to connect to the GemLightbox Pro will appear. Choose the serial code that corresponds to the one on your GemLightbox Pro, and then click on Connect.


After establishing a connection, the serial number of the connected GemLightbox Pro will be displayed.

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