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Integrating with Shopify

To activate the GemHub integration with Shopify and start syncing your products, go to the settings page in the GemHub and click on the integrations tab.

Follow the instructions below to activate the GemHub integration with Shopify:

  1. Go to the GemHub settings section, click on the integrations tab and press on the “Set up now” button next to the Shopify integration.

    Artboard 6-Jan-05-2024-07-35-57-1983-AM

  2. Click on Add Another Store to add a new store

    Artboard 7-4
  3. Enter the Store URL name in the URL

    Artboard 8-Jan-05-2024-07-36-21-7328-AM

  4. The URL can be found in the Shopify url address bar below and it may be different from the domain server URL.Artboard 9-4

  5. Once you've entered the URL, you'll be directed to your Shopify store. Add the GemHub Shopify application, authenticate your Shopify store, and install the app within your Shopify dashboard.Artboard 10-3

  6. After linking the Shopify app to your GemHub account, effortlessly synchronize and automate GemHub to transfer your product SKUs and attribute information into your Shopify store.

  7. After setting up the Shopify app and GemHub dashboard, go to GemHub's Shopify settings to view attributes for synchronization into Shopify.Integrating to Shopify - 7

  8. Sync Title & SKU for mandatory product creation in your Shopify store. Other attributes are optional and can be removed from syncing with a simple click on "Remove attribute.” 

    The additional optional attributes to sync are:

    · Product Type · Quantity
    · Description · Price
    · Media  
  9. Once you've chosen the attributes to sync and removed any unwanted ones, initiate the syncing process by clicking the "Start Syncing" button.

    Artboard 14-Jan-05-2024-07-38-28-9040-AM

    Note: Enabling integration creates draft products in Shopify for GemHub SKUs. Updating GemHub data updates drafted product info in Shopify, but existing live Shopify data remains unchanged.

  10. Once syncing has been initiated, you should see a status progress bar indicating how much of your GemHub data has been synced with your Shopify dashboard.

    Artboard 15-1
  11. Once the sync is complete, the products which have been synced will show up Draft in your Shopify products.
    shopify 11

  12. To halt the ongoing Shopify syncing process, click the ellipsis icon, choose "Stop Syncing," and confirm in the pop-up modal that you indeed want to cease the syncing process.
    Artboard 16-4
  13. To disable the Shopify integration with your GemHub dashboard, go to the integrations tab in settings, click on the Shopify ellipsis icon and select “Remove integration.”

    Artboard 18-2
  14. Afterwards confirm the removal in the pop-up modal.

    Artboard 19-1

    Note: Upon disabling the Shopify integration, your GemHub data will no longer sync with your Shopify dashboard. To enable the syncing again, download the Shopify app and reconnect it with your Shopify store.

Here is a video to show you how!