Cannot Connect to the GemLightbox Pro When Using GemCam?

The GemCam allows  GemHub users on Windows and Mac OS desktops and laptops to start photo shoots by easily linking with the GemLightbox Pro via Bluetooth.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity issues between your laptop and the GemLightbox Pro to maintain a stable connection.

Here are steps to check and improve your Bluetooth connection:

Switch the GemLightbox Pro on

Toggling the GemLightbox Pro off and on again through the power switch can reinitiate its bluetooth connection and allow devices to be able to detect and establish connection again.

Ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your computer

To establish a connection with the GemLightbox, please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer.

Check other bluetooth connections

Ensure that all other devices are disconnected from the GemLightbox Pro.

Restart your browser or computer

Please restart your Browser or Computer if the connection still fails.

For Windows PC without built-in bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth connectivity on a Windows PC without built-in Bluetooth by using a Bluetooth dongle, facilitating a connection with the GemLightbox.