Will GemLoupe Work with Smartphones and Other Products?

Does the GemLoupe work with any Smartphone?

Absolutely! GemLoupe was designed to be compatible with any smartphone including smartphones with more than 1 camera. It can also work on tablets and iPads.


Will GemLoupe work with iPhone with 3 cameras?

The GemLoupe will work on any smartphone like the iPhones. It uses our GemLightbox App which chooses the best lens for jewelry photography. All you need to do is place the GemLoupe on top of the lenses. If it's the correct lens, it should show you the camera view, if it's incorrect it will darken.


Can we use the GemLoupe with GemLightbox and Macro?

The GemLoupe cannot be used together with the GemLightbox or GemLightbox Macro. It is made to be used separately.