Didn't Receive Your Verification Or Reset Email?

A guide to locating your missing verification or reset emails from GemHub.

1. Search for the email

We will send the email from "Picup Media" so you can quickly search for it. If it isn't in your inbox, check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved the email, it might be in the Spam, Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, or Archive folder.

2. Make sure you are checking the correct email account

If you are looking for a password reset email, make sure you are checking the correct email inbox. It will be the email address that you login to your GemHub account.

If you are looking for a verification email, it will be the email address that you login to your GemHub account. If the email address is incorrect, you can create a new account and send another verification email.

3. If you are using a company email, it could be due to firewall access.

To overwrite the firewall access, here is what you can do:

  1. Access your computer's firewall settings.
  2. Locate the section dedicated to allow or whitelist specific domains or email addresses.
  3. Add "@picupmedia.com" to the list of allowed domains or email addresses.
  4. Save the changes to update your firewall settings.

Resolve login issues

To further troubleshoot login problems, users can attempt to sign up for a new GemLightbox account using their personal email address, preferably a Gmail account. This step will help determine if the verification email is successfully received.

Follow these steps to proceed:

  1. Visit the GemLightbox sign-up page at https://hub.gemlightbox.com/auth/signup
  2. Fill in the required information, including your personal email address and password.
  3. Click the "Sign Up" button to create a new account.
  4. Check your email inbox, including spam or junk folders, for a verification email from GemLightbox.
  5. If the verification email is received, proceed with the instructions provided to confirm your account.

For the convenience of the user, switching to a newly created account can sometimes resolve persistent login issues.

For Paid Users

Once the new account is established, you can proceed with entering your payment information in the GemHub on desktop. Follow these steps to switch accounts and input payment details:

  1. Log out of the current GemLightbox account.
  2. Log in to the newly created account using the steps mentioned.
  3. Once successfully logged in, navigate to the account settings or payment section.
  4. Enter your payment information, such as credit card details, billing address, or other relevant details, as prompted.
  5. Confirm and save the payment information to complete the process.