Using the Eclipse Mode with GemCam

  1. Ensure that the Eclipse is placed inside the GemLightbox Pro.

💡 For a sharper image, please remove the front cover of the GemLightbox Pro.


  2.   In the GemCam function, select the Eclipse preset. When using the GemLightbox Pro Eclipse, you will need to ensure that the Eclipse mode is correctly selected.Untitled-Feb-06-2024-07-50-59-0023-AM

  3.   Place the GemCam as close as possible to the jewelry piece and slowly move back until its focus is aligned.

💡 If you notice overexposure in your images while using the GemCam, try reconnecting the USB-C cable or restarting the GemHub application. This should recalibrate the images and eliminate overexposure of the pieces.