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Uploading Your Own Background Image

You can add in your own image, models and custom backgrounds too!

Add any stock photos that you have and use them as part of the media gallery when showcasing your virtual try-on.

  1. Upload first your jewelry piece via GemHub and then click Select.
    Artboard 1-Jan-08-2024-02-44-45-5810-PM
  2. Select 'Remove Background’.
    Artboard 2-Jan-08-2024-02-44-59-9054-PM
  3. Once the background is removed, click the pencil icon.
    Artboard 3-Jan-08-2024-02-45-11-5365-PM
  4. Click the + sign icon to upload your own model or any stock photo.
    Artboard 4-Jan-08-2024-02-45-18-9058-PM
  5. Resize and scale your jewelry piece to your model by pinching the sides of the blue box as shown here.
    Artboard 5-Jan-08-2024-02-45-28-5714-PM
  6. Scale, Resize and Rotate your Jewelry to make the superimposing realistic.
    Artboard 6-Jan-08-2024-02-45-36-8812-PM
  7. Once finished, it should look something like this:
    Artboard 7-Jan-08-2024-02-45-45-5308-PM
  8. Click "Save”.
    Artboard 8-Jan-08-2024-02-45-56-5195-PM
  9. Click "Save as new media”.
    Artboard 9-Jan-08-2024-02-46-04-6468-PM

Now you can add this media as part of your Virtual Try On gallery when showcasing your pieces:Artboard 10-Jan-08-2024-02-46-23-3683-PM

Tip! When adding the model that we have created from the stock photo to the Media Gallery, you need to make sure that a separate Virtual Try On has been created already for your piece itself.

The separate virtual try-on piece should look something like this and beside it was the stock photo model that we have used for the superimposing.

  1. Select the ready-made virtual try on:
    Artboard 11-Jan-08-2024-02-46-48-3385-PM
  2. Then Click "GO TO PRODUCT" from the modal that will open from your right side screen:
    Artboard 12-Jan-08-2024-02-46-58-8066-PM
  3. Click this + sign icon and from here you can now add the stock photo model:Artboard 13-Jan-08-2024-02-47-08-0285-PM