Transferring and Deleting Files

Transferring Files

Videos recorded in 4K can be uploaded directly from the GemLightbox App Gallery to the GemHub.

To Sync your videos:

  • Simply click on the 3 lines on the top left hand of the screen.
  • Click on Sync Queue.
  • Click on the cloud icon on the floating queue.
  • Wait for the Sync to finish.


You will now see your synced media reflect on the GemHub on desktop/laptop.

Deleting Files

When you delete a media file from the GemLightbox application on mobile, it will also be removed from the GemHub. This is because the synchronization process ensures that changes made on one platform are automatically reflected on the other.

  1. On your gallery, tick the media that you want to delete.
  2. Click on more at the top right beside the AI Retouch then Delete.

It's crucial to understand this synchronization process to avoid unintended data loss or damage:

The files are not stored separately but instead are treated as a single entity across multiple platforms. Therefore, it's important to consider the implications of any changes made to files on one platform, as they will automatically affect the other platform as well.

Do note that deleted media will stay in the Trash Bin for up to 7 days by which thereafter it will be permanently deleted.

In summary, the two-way synchronization process between the GemLightbox application on mobile and the GemHub means that deleting a media file from one platform will also remove it from the other.