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Resizing Your Image after AI Background Removal or AI Retouch

You can resize your image even after applying the Background Removal or AI Retouch functions.

To resize your image:

  1. Login to the GemHub.
  2. Select the image that you want to edit.
    Artboard 53-2
  3. Click on the "Edit Media" tab to access the image editing function.
    Artboard 54-3
  4. Click on Remove Background or AI Retouch to the image as desired.
    Artboard 55-2
  5. To resize the image, click and drag one of the sides of the image until it reaches the desired size.
  6. The edited image will automatically adjust to the new size without affecting the quality of the background removal or retouching.
  7. Click on the "Save" button again to save the resized image.


Here’s a quick video on how to do it: