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Managing Your Products in GemHub

Learn how to create, edit, delete, find and import your products.

What are Products?

Products in the GemHub are stored and created items that can be tagged based on their attributes for better management.

You can add details such as SKU, title, description, price, product type, and quantity to your products using images and videos.

Existing products can also be imported into the GemHub. Additionally, you can edit product details and share them as interactive links.

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Creating a Product

  1. Log in and go to the Product section.
  2. Click "Create Product" and enter the required SKU.
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  3. Optionally, add more details like media, title, description, product type, price, and quantity.
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  4. Click "Create" and your new product will appear first in the list.Artboard 50-1


Editing a Product

  1. Go to the Product section and find the product you want to edit.
  2. Click the product itself or the pencil icon next to it.
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  3. In the edit product side panel, you can: 
    · Delete media associated with the product.
    · Add photos or videos to the product (10-item limit).
    · Change the product's SKU and other attributes.
    · You can only add 1 model image per product.
  4. Press "Confirm" after making the necessary edits.
  5. Your updated product information should be visible in the products section of the dashboard.

Deleting a Product

  1. Go to the Products section in the dashboard.
  2. Find the product you want to delete and click the delete icon next to it or select the product and click the delete button.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete it.
  4. The product will be deleted and no longer visible in your dashboard.
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Finding your Products

Once you have created a product, you will be able to find and search for products in the GemHub from the main products section.

Product Views

There are two views available for your products in the products section, there are “Thumbnail View’ which will show you a larger image of the product, and “Table View” which will give you a tabular view of your products along with all of your product and custom attribute information. You can switch between these views by using the buttons below:

Product Search

You can search for your products by SKU code by using the search box in the top left-hand side of the Products section. As you start to type products that contain the text you enter in the SKU code will be returned.

Product Filters

You can filter the product results that are shown in the Products section by using the filter button. This button will allow you to be able to return products that fit your search criteria. Click on the filter icon shown below:

This button will then open up a pop-up panel on the right-hand side of the screen that will allow you to be able to select the filters that you want to apply to your products. You can use this form to search by any of the general product information as well as any custom attributes that you have created.

Multiple filters can be used to return just those products that meet your search criteria such as all products within a certain price range, containing specific text in the description and any values in custom product attributes you have created.

As you apply filters to the products they will be added to the top of the page so that you can see what filters have been applied to your products. You can then click the “X” button to remove the individual filters or click “Clear Filters” to remove select or all filters as required as per the example below:

Filtering Your Products by Media

We know that many of our customers choose to create or import products into GemHub as part of their internal process and then update the media for those products. To assist in this process you have the ability to find those products with media or without media so that you can quickly identify which products need to be photographed using your GemLightbox.

To find products that do not have media, follow the process below:

  1. Click on the filter button
  2. In the “Media’ section click on the drop-down button
  3. Select if you would like to see “All”, “With Media” or “Without Media”
  4. Click “Apply” and the product list will be updated to show those products filtered by their Media status.


Importing Products

To import your products file into the GemHub dashboard, follow the steps below

Get a Sample File

You can download and view a sample product file to use as a template by clicking here.

Product File Format

The first line of your product file must not contain any column headers or titles, the file should start directly with the product details.

The lines or records in the file must contain data for your product using the same columns in that same exact order starting with: SKU, Title, Description, Price, Product Type, Quantity.  If you have additional columns with product details, make sure they come after the initial 6 mandatory columns and you can create custom attributes for the additional columns during the import process.

SKU is the only mandatory field; not providing other columns with attribute titles during the import process will result in those fields being empty.

The existing product types are: Bracelet, Brooch, Diamonds, Earrings, Gemstone, Necklace, Rings, Watch.  Product types are case sensitive and must be written the same exact way to be imported.  If your file contains product types which are not one of the eight pre-existing product types, the products will not be imported.

Please note that a product's title in the import file cannot exceed 100 characters; space between words counts as a character.


1. Prepare your file according to the product file format requirements above. Click on the drop down then Import Products.

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2. Drag and drop your prepared file or upload from your PC by pressing “Browse”.

Artboard 53-1
3. First, drag and drop the mandatory SKU attribute into the first column.

4. Then drag and drop the other optional attributes of Title, Description, Price, Product Type and Quantity if your products have such details.Artboard 54-2
5. If an attribute for one of your columns does not exist, click “Create Attribute” to create custom attribute headings.

6. Create a text, numerical or dropdown attribute by giving that attribute a title or column heading, mark if it’s a required attribute or not required.
7. Then drag and drop it to the appropriate column.
8. Once you have placed attribute titles to the columns which you would like to import, press the “Import Now” button.

Artboard 55-1
9. If some of your products didn’t pass validation, open each error field to identify the mistake.
10. If your products successfully pass validation, you will see a success message and by pressing 11. “Create Products” you will initiate the import process.

Artboard 56-2
12. Once the import process has been completed, your imported products will be displayed in the products section of the GemHub dashboard.