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Managing the Products Information

Managing Product Attributes

This guide is intended for all GemHub users. If you're looking to create and manage custom attributes for your products, you're in the right place. With custom attributes, you can add text, numerical, or drop down attributes to your products to better manage them.

Creating Custom Attributes

  1. Log in and go to the Product section.
  2. Click on the drop down button next to Create Product and select Manage Attributes.
    Artboard 1-Jan-08-2024-05-20-05-3530-AM
    Artboard 2-Jan-08-2024-05-20-32-5557-AM
  3. On the side panel, choose Create Attribute.
    Artboard 3-Jan-08-2024-05-20-47-5507-AM
  4. Enter the name of the attribute and select its type (text, numerical, or dropdown).
  5. Choose if it's mandatory or optional and click Confirm.

Managing Attributes

To manage attributes, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in and go to the Product section.
  2. Click on the dropdown button next to Create Product and select Manage Attributes..
  3. From the side panel, click the pencil icon to edit each custom attribute or the trash bin icon to delete the custom attribute.
  4. By Clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the custom attribute type, when done, click Confirm.

Artboard 4-Jan-08-2024-05-21-10-2878-AM

Note that mandatory attributes cannot be left empty.

The newly created custom attribute will be visible in the list of products on the products page.


Managing AI Descriptions

The products page in GemHub gives you the ability to easily and quickly generate product descriptions for your jewelry using artificial intelligence through a couple of clicks.

Product Types Available

These are the Product types available to create AI Descriptions for:

  1. Rings
  2. Watches
  3. Earrings
  4. Necklaces
  5. Gemstones
  6. Bracelets

Artboard 5-Jan-08-2024-05-29-20-5127-AM

Generating AI Descriptions

  1. In the products pages, open an already existing product or create a new one from the top right button that says “Create Product.”
    Artboard 6-Jan-08-2024-05-46-24-8869-AM
  2. In the product information side panel, click on the “Create Description using AI” in the product description input field.
  3. The AI product descriptions will auto generate, creating 3 descriptions which are editable. If you will like to add in more keywords and regenerate the descriptions again, simply press Back and you will be able to add in more keywords of your choice.
  4. Enter a product name, select the product type, give your product at least 3 tags or product characteristics, and press “Generate Description.” Go back to Step 3 to choose your preferred description.
    Artboard 7-Jan-08-2024-05-37-57-6503-AM
  5. After it is saved, it will be visible in the product description field.   Press “Confirm” again to complete the process and save the information.
  6. To restart, delete the newly created AI product description and click on the "Create Description using AI" button again.Artboard 8-Jan-08-2024-05-38-05-7174-AM