[iOS] Focusing on iPhone Pro Series Cameras

There are reports with users that have the iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, 14 Pro and 15 Pro where the images are appearing blurry or not in focus. The issue is due to the changes to the newer models of the iPhones whereby the camera has a greater minimum focusing requirement compared to previous models.

To overcome this issue, simply smartphone further back until you can focus on your jewelry items as seen here:

Note: this issue relates specifically to the hardware inside of the iPhone 14 and 15 Pro and therefore it can not be overcome by software updates on Picup Media's end. Apple is aware of the issue and may provide a workaround in the future.

At the same time, ensure that the macro control is turned on for Pro and Pro Max series. This will allow you to be able to shoot objects at a closer range and capture better details.

To enable Macro Control:

  1. Go to Settings function on the native iPhone
  2. Click on Camera, then turn on Macro Control

Please refer to the links below for more information: