[iOS] Calibrating GemLightbox Application

For iOS users, before using the GemLightbox App with your GemLightbox, please calibrate your camera settings for optimal results with the following instructions:

  1. Open the GemLightbox App, go to the bottom right, click on "Settings," and select "Calibrate Camera”.

  2. Follow the calibration prompts to ensure that the GemLightbox is properly calibrated with your GemLightbox.
From July 22, 2022, if you're using Gemlightbox iOS mobile app version 8.0.85 or newer, you'll need to calibrate your camera for each specific device filter (Gemlightbox, Eclipse Gemlightbox Pro, or Macro). The Gemloupe and Manual filters don't require camera calibration.

To calibrate your mobile application camera for the specific device which you are using, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the camera screen.
  2. In the device filter selection, pick the device you want to calibrate.
  3. After selecting your device, go to the filters menu and click on "Calibrate camera."
  4. Follow the calibration prompts to ensure your selected device is properly calibrated.