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Integrating with The Edge

The Edge is a comprehensive jewelry store management system designed specifically for independent retail jewelers - perfect for independent Jewelers with 1 to 10 stores. Features include: Point of Sale, Customer Management, Accounting, Inventory and Reporting.

GemLightbox and The Edge have a two way sync that will allow you to push your inventory from The Edge into the GemHub where you can add your photos and videos and then sync them back into The Edge.


Steps for Integrating GemHub with Edge:

  1. Open Applications:
    • Ensure that both the GemHub and Edge applications are open and accessible.refun
  2. Authenticate Gemlightbox in Edge
    • Within the Edge application, click on Administrative > Gemlightbox > Authenticate.
    • Enter the login credentials for your GemHub account.
    • A popup window will appear confirming authentication.
  3. Select Items for Syncing:
    • Click on Inventory > Item > Find and enter criteria for items you wish to sync.
    • From the item list, right click to enable checkboxes and select the items you wish to sync.
    • At the bottom of the screen, click the Gemlight button.
    • This will initiate the sync process. Your items will be uploaded to GemHub.
  4. Add Photos and Videos in GemHub:
    • Use GemHub to add photos/videos to items.
    • Photos and videos can be added directly on each item’s Product page.
    • Photos and videos can be added from the Gallery by selecting the item SKU.
  5. Select Items for Syncing:
    • Complete step 3 again by searching for items, selecting them, and clicking the Gemlight button.
    • When syncing, any new items will be added to GemHub while existing items will have their photos and videos downloaded back into Edge.
    • Depending on the number of items and photos and videos, the sync may take a few minutes to complete.
  6. View Images and Videos:
    • Once syncing is complete, open the item in Edge to view the synced images and videos.
    • Videos will appear as icons.
  7. File Management:
    • To manage files and videos, tap the camera button located at the top left corner for convenient access.
    • Use this option to effortlessly open or delete files as needed.
  8. Save and Close:
    • After completing necessary actions, click on the "Ok/Save and Close" button.
  9. Integration Completion:
    • Verify that the integration process is complete and successful.
    • The GemHub and Edge are now seamlessly integrated, allowing for efficient management and synchronisation of images and videos.

By following these steps, users can effectively integrate the Jewelry Hub with the Edge platform, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity in managing jewelry-related content.

💡 The Edge serves as the definitive "Source of Truth," ensuring that any modifications made within this platform are synchronized with the Jewelry Hub and take precedence over existing data. Notably, only the Images and Media components will be refreshed on the Edge during this synchronization process.