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Integrating with RapNet

Uploading Media into RapNet

  1. Login in to your GemHub account.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the image.
  3. Select 'Share'.
  4. Click on 'Copy Link'.
  5. Switch to the "RapNet - Upload” tab.
  6. Click on the diamond-shaped button on the left of the screen.
  7. Select 'Upload Diamonds'.
  8. Click 'Upload Link'.
  9. Paste the copied link into the ‘Type Link Here’ field.

Uploading Videos to RapNet

Videos can be uploaded to RapNet using the integration from the GemHub.

This integration does not create products on your RapNet account, its purpose is to make the process of uploading of videos to existing products you have on RapNet easier.

The integration will only update videos on Jewelry products, if you wish to upload videos to your Diamonds on RapNet then you will need to download the videos from your GemHub account and manually update them.

To set up the integration to upload videos follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the GemHub
  2. Click on your name on the top right hand side of the screen to enter your “Profile”
  3. Click on “Integrations” from the horizontal sub menu
  4. Click on “Set up Now” on the RapNet integration
    Artboard 3-Jan-05-2024-07-19-02-3768-AM
  5. You will then need to enter your “RapNet Account ID” and click “LOG IN”
    Artboard 4-Jan-05-2024-07-19-14-9631-AM
  6. Once you have logged in then you will be taken to the integration configuration page.
    Artboard 5-Jan-05-2024-07-19-27-2330-AM
  7. When you set up the integration to RapNet then a new catalog called “Rapnet” will automatically be created in your “Catalogs”
  8. All of the products that you currently have listed on RapNet should be added to this catalog if you wish to sync videos to those products.
  9. The SKU code in the GemHub needs to match the “Stock #” of the item listed on RapNet
  10. Once you are ready then click “START SYNC”
  11. The syncing process will copy the videos from all of your products in the “RapNet” catalog and update them on RapNet.
  12. This process will replace any existing videos you have for products on “RapNet” so be careful to ensure that all product videos are uploaded to the GemHub prior to syncing your products on RapNet.
  13. If you do not want a product to sync on “RapNet” them remove it either temporarily or permanently from the “Rapnet” catalog.