Have Syncing Issues to the Cloud?

Users who have activated their account for the Cloud on the GemLightbox App may face syncing issues for the following reasons below:

Syncing Process Disrupted

If you exit the GemLightbox App while your files are syncing, then they may not sync properly.

If you find that the GemLightbox App has stopped syncing, please go to your GemLightbox Application, press the 3 lines at the top left side , click upload queue and tap the Sync icon. Your files will start syncing to Cloud. Please do not leave the GemLightbox App while your files are syncing.

Cloud Storage Full

If the size of your files exceeds your Cloud plan, then your files will stop syncing. To continue syncing your files, please upgrade to the next tier plan from your dashboard.

Poor Network Connection

A stable and strong network connection is required so that your files will continuously sync to the Cloud. You can sync via WiFi (recommended) or Celluar Data. If syncing via Celluar Data, please see the next section.

Upload Without WiFi Disabled

If you are not connected to WiFi and have this setting disabled, then your images will not sync.

To enable upload without WiFi:

  1. Open up your GemLightbox App and click settings.
  2. Tap to Enable upload without WiFi.

  3. Carefully read the prompt and tap Agree.

  4. Go back to your Open your GemLightbox Gallery and tap the Sync icon to start syncing files to the Cloud.

    Please do not leave the GemLightbox App while your files are syncing.
    For large media collections, leave your phone unlocked overnight for a one-time sync. After this, future processes will run smoothly. 

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide.