Have Questions on the Lens of GemLoupe?

Can I remove the lens of the GemLoupe?

Yes, you are able to remove the lens of the GemLoupe.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Detach the main body of the GemLoupe from the ring clip
  2. From the back of the main body of the GemLoupe, push the lens out from the back of the GemLoupe.
  3. This will successfully allow you to detach the lens from the GemLoupe


What is the smallest and largest object you can photograph using GemLoupe?

GemLoupe is non-limiting. You can photograph gemstones from 0.1ct diamond to any size like you do with your native camera.


How do I select the correct lens?

Choosing which lens to use is easy.

Choose the 5X lens when you want to capture macro shots and the sparkle lens if you want to add sparkles to your jewelry/stones.


I cannot find the 5X lens, what do I do?

The 5X lens comes already attached to the GemLoupe so that you will be able to start shooting right away!


What is GemLoupe’s Focal Distance?

The GemLoupe lens focal distance is 5-10 cm.


Is there a 1X lens that comes with the GemLoupe?

The 1x lens has since been discontinued as it does not carry any zoom function.