Have Questions on Downloading?

How do I download media files from the GemHub?

A media file can be downloaded from the Gallery page, Products page and Catalogs page of the GemHub. When you download your media from the GemHub, the files will be labeled with the SKU name that you have previously entered. So, as long as you have provided the correct SKU information, you should be able to easily identify and organize your media files. The downloaded file name will include the SKU name in the following format:





  1. On the Gallery page, tick the media files that you would like to download then click more

    Artboard 48-Jan-09-2024-08-27-41-8986-AM

  2. Click download then choose file type and image size

    Artboard 49-2

  3. Click download. Your media files will start to download to your computer with SKU codes.

    Note: If the downloaded media doesn’t have an SKU assigned, , the file name format remains unchanged.


How to download media from catalog share links?

When creating a catalog of your products to showcase, you can customize whether you would like the receiving party to be able to download your catalog's images and videos.

  1. Log into the GemHub dashboard and navigate to the settings section by clicking on your profile.
  2. In the settings, click on the "Share Settings" tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "Link Settings" section, and select YES on the "Show Download Button"; when you are done click the "Save Changes" button.
  4. Once you are ready to send out a catalog as a shared link, you will notice your products have a checkbox select option and once checkbox selected, they are available for download by pressing the "Download" button in the expanded menu.

How do I get higher quality video from the GemHub?

The videos will download in mp4 format and this will be suitable to be used with any photo editor software.

To access high-quality images or videos from the GemHub, it is advisable to download them directly from the platform. By doing so, users can obtain files of optimal resolution and clarity. The shared links provided by the GemHub offer the advantage of optimized files, ensuring a smaller file size.


What are the file size and formats for downloads?

Free Plan Users

For free plan users, images are downloaded in the size that they are captured in; by default as JPG files and videos are downloadable as MP4 file formats

Pro Plan Users

Pro plan users can change the size of the images to download and have the additional option to download their images as PNG or PDF file formats.