What Image File Type and Size is Accepted and Will be Returned?

File Type Accepted

.jpg .tif .jpeg .svg
.png .cad .pdf  
.psd .ai .heic  

We specialize in retouching services specifically for image files, and we do not offer retouching services for video files.

File Size Accepted

We have a limit of 25 Mb per image for retouching.

If your file is larger than 25 Mb, it will not upload to our form. We may charge for files larger than 25 MB.

Have a file that type you cannot find here? Please get in touch with our retouching team at retouching@picupmedia.com.

File Type and Size Returned

We will return all images back in original size JPG unless instructed to do so otherwise. The most common submission size is 1,000px x 1,000px in JPEG format – this is usually used for websites online.