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Managing Your Gallery in GemHub

A guide to managing your gallery in GemHub: uploading, syncing, and deleting media files.

Gallery in GemHub serves as a storage space for images and other media files, including those synced from your GemLightbox App. You can access your media library through your GemLightbox App, or upload files directly from your computer.

It's crucial to understand that files are not stored separately but are treated as a single entity across both platforms. Hence, any changes, including deletions, will affect both platforms.

Uploading Media from Your Computer

  1. Login in to your GemHub account.
  2. Drag and drop the desired image file or click on "Upload" to select your image file under the "Create" section. Alternatively, you can upload your media by navigating to the "Gallery" section.  

Once the image is uploaded, it will be available in the Gallery section for your use.

Sorting Images and Videos

  1. In the the Gallery section of the dashboard, you can sort it by Images, Video, or Model Image.

  1. Select the sorting method and file type; results should automatically be displayed.
  • Photo and video files associated with an SKU or files not associated with an SKU
  • By file type: image, video or interactive video
  • Search engine for a specific SKU

Downloading Images and Videos

  1. In the Media section of the dashboard, click on the ellipsis icon of the file which you would like to download and select "Download" from the dropdown menu.

Or if you want to download multiple medias, checkbox select the file which you would like to download. Click on More then Download.

  1. Once the file has been downloaded, open it or move it to your desktop.

If you are having trouble downloading multiple files at once, please ensure that you enable the Pop-ups and redirects on your browser (see below).

Assigning SKU

  1. In the the Gallery section of the dashboard, you can enter or choose the SKU right away of the file which you would like to assign to an SKU and enter.

  1. You can also click on the media that you want to assign a SKU. In the side panel, from the SKU dropdown menu select which SKU you would like the file to be associated with then enter.
  2. A success message should be displayed once the photo or video file has successfully been assigned to an SKU.

    Deleting Media from Your Computer

    The synchronization between the GemLightbox App and GemHub ensures that changes made on one platform are automatically reflected on the other. This includes the deletion of media files.

    1. In the Gallery, select the media files that you want to delete.
    2. Click on "More" and then "Delete".

    Deleted media will remain in the Trash Bin for up to 7 days, after which it will be permanently deleted. Please keep this in mind when deleting files to avoid unintended data loss.

    Filtering Images

    Images on the Gallery can be filtered through the following criteras: Images, Videos, Model Images as well as Date Range.

    On the Gallery page, we have added a new menu equipped with an intuitive calendar interface, customers can effortlessly select a start and end date to explore media content uploaded within their chosen time range.

    Once the dates are picked, it display the media that was uploaded during that specific period, allowing for a more targeted and personalized media exploration.