[Android] Enabling Safe Mode and Geolocation

Access and Enabling Safe Mode

Safe mode is a feature implemented only on the Android version of the GemLightbox App.

Its purpose is to guarantee that the camera functionality would work in any Android device.

Given the advances made on the Android Application, this feature is rarely used or recommended to users as the camera is working fine on all Android devices.

Here is how to access Safe Mode:

  1. Launch the GemLightbox Application
  2. Click on the Camera button in the centre to launch Camera
  3. Tap on the Filters window
  4. Tap on Camera Settings

  5. Tap on Safe Mode to toggle it On or Off and you will be ready to start shooting!

Enabling Geolocation

Android devices require geolocation enabled to connect to external Bluetooth devices. In this case, geolocation must be enabled to connect to the Bluetooth module inside of the Turntable.

Should you do not wish to have geolocation on, simply use or purchase an Apple device. It will not require geolocation to connect via Bluetooth.