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Embedding Your AR Try On to Shopify

How do I embed a Virtual Try on to Shopify?

  1. Navigate to your GemHub. (hub.gemlightbox.com/media)
  2. Go to Gallery under Model Image Tab.Artboard 69
  3. Select the Model Image that you would like to embed.
  4. Click on the 3 circles then Share.Artboard 70
  5. Click on Embed Button. This is where you can customize the following:
    1. Button Type
    2. Button Size
    3. Show Attribute Info - SKU, Titles, Descriptions, Price, Quantity, etc.
    4. Show Associated Media

    Artboard 71
  6. Copy Link then Proceed to your Shopify Product then click on Show HTML.
    Artboard 72
  7. Paste the link that you copied from the GemHub.
    Artboard 73
  8. Click on save then preview.
    Artboard 74

Tutorial Video: