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Creating and Sharing the Augmented Reality Try On Links

The GemHub gives you the opportunity to take your GemLightbox mobile app images and turn them into interactive augmented reality jewelry items that your clients can try on themselves through their computer or mobile phone camera.

Creating a Try On Link

  1. Click on the "Create Link" button in the Gallery
    Artboard 36-Jan-09-2024-05-39-45-3631-AM
  2. Select the jewelry's product type.
    Artboard 37-4
  3. Select the jewelry item you want to turn into an augmented reality experience and click "Next."
    Artboard 38-4
  4. Place the jewelry item on the template, move it to the desired position.
    Artboard 39-3
  5. You may resize it to make it look more realistic, select from an option of templates, and use the erase brush to remove any unnecessary parts of the jewelry item.
    Artboard 40-3
  6. When you have finished editing, enter an SKU for the newly created augmented reality object and press "Save."
    Artboard 41-2
    Entering an SKU is mandatory to create an augmented reality try on link; only 1 augmented reality try on link can be assigned to an SKU
  7. Click on the link when it is created and the try on link will open up in a new tab for you to view the jewelry item on the model.
    Artboard 42-3
    For users with AR feature access, when the camera interface opens up, it is important to give access to your camera in the browser.
    Artboard 43-2
  8. Close the AR experience tab to return to the item's landing page.
  9. The newly created Try On link will appear on the top of your Gallery.

Sharing a Try On Link

  1. Click on Gallery.
    Artboard 44-4
  2. Click the 3 dot icon from an existing virtual try on:
    Artboard 45-3
  3. Click Share.
    Artboard 46-3
  4. Click this icon to copy link.Artboard 47-4
    Paste the link to where you will like to share them and it is ready to go!