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Creating an Embed Code in Gallery

In addition to sharing your products, photos and videos, the GemHub allows you to generate an iFrame code which you can copy and paste into your personal website.

An embed code is a snippet of HTML code that you can copy and paste into your website's HTML code to display the content.

Here are the steps to create an embed code:

  1. Select the image or video from the GemHub.
  2. Look for the "Share" button on the top right hand of the image.
  3. A window will pop up.
  4. Click on embed code and copy the entire code.
  5. Go to the HTML code of your website where you want to embed the content.
  6. Paste the embed code into the HTML code where you want the content to appear.
  7. Save the changes to your website.

Here is a video to show you how:

Congratulations! You have successfully created an embed code and embedded content on your website.