Connecting Your GemLightbox Device

You can only connect to your GemLightbox Products via the GemLightbox Application.

A blue tick will indicate a successful Bluetooth connection to your device.

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GemLightbox Users

Before proceeding with the next steps, please make sure that your Turntable or Aerial is connected to your GemLightbox and turned on.

For the Turntable, check if the white light at the back of the Turntable is illuminated, indicating it's powered on.

For the Aerial, look for the white light at the top of the Aerial where the 4 magnets are located; if it's lit, the Aerial is powered on.

GemLightbox Pro Users

To connect, ensure that the GemLightbox Pro is switched to the App Mode

The switch to change to App Mode is at the back of the GemLightbox Pro, near the Power Outlet.

Other GemLightbox Products

For other GemLightbox products which require a Bluetooth connection, ensure that the unit is turned on.

If you are unable to connect to your device, please check the following settings on your smartphone device:

Android Smartphone Device

  1. Open up your Settings, tap on Apps and search for GemLightbox

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   2.  Find and tap on Permissions.

   3.  Ensure Camera, Location, and Storage  are enabled.

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iOS Smartphone Device

1. Open up your Settings and search for GemLightbox.

2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled.

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We also recommend trying the following steps if the above instructions do not work:

  1. Switch off your Bluetooth settings and switch it back on
  2. Restart the GemLightbox App
  3. Restart your smartphone
  4. Restart your Turntable by pressing the black button on the side of the Turntable twice. You can restart your Aerial by unplugging and plugging the power cord.

Please make sure you follow these steps for all smartphone devices that have ever connected to your GemLightbox device before. 

The GemLightbox and its application are compatible with iPads, although it is recommended to use a smartphone for easier positioning of the camera to capture different angles of jewelry.