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Changing the Color of the Chain with AR Try On

How It Works

Our GemHub provides you with 3 color options to change the color of the chain for your pendants : White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.

  1. Login and go to hub.gemlightbox.com and click on Gallery.
    Artboard 53-3
  2. Click on Create.
    Artboard 54-4
  3. Select Pendant.
    Artboard 55-3
  4. Then, select the image that you want to use.
    Artboard 56-4
  5.  Once this is confirmed, click on Next.
    Artboard 57-3
  6. The software will create and load the try on model.
    Artboard 58-min-1
  7.  Here, you will be able to choose varies model that you want.
    Artboard 59-min
  8. Now, choose the gold tone of the chain that you wish to use.
    Artboard 60-min
  9. Align your pendant.
  10. Enter SKU.Artboard 61-min
  11. Once you are done, click Save to confirm.Artboard 62-min

Video Tutorial

Here is a video of how this can be done: