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Bulk Editing Using AI

At the moment, paid users will be able to select up to 50 images at one go to be used with any of the AI features below in the GemHub

  1. AI Background Removal
  2. AI Retouching
  3. AI Dust Removal

There are 2 ways that you can use the bulk editing feature. One from the Gallery of the GemHub and the other from the Create Section of the GemHub.

From the Gallery

  1. Login to GemHub at https://hub.gemlightbox.com and select the images that you want to use the AI features on. Do note that this can only be used on images for bulk editing.
    Artboard 58-2
  2. Next, select one of the 3 features that you want to use.
    Artboard 59-2
  3.  Once you have clicked on one of the buttons, the feature will be automatically activated
    Artboard 60-2
  4. Once you are done, click on one of the buttons above to save the media

Only the background removal function is able to remove the background of your images and replace it with a white background.

From the Create Section

If you are looking for a transparent or black ground, use the functions in the Create Section of the GemHub to do so.

  1. Click on the Create Section of the GemHub.
    Artboard 61-1
  2. Select one of the backgrounds that you want to use.
    Artboard 62-3
  3. After selecting, choose the media that you want to remove background for ( up to 50 maximum).
    Artboard 63-2
  4. You may also choose to upload more of your own images from the desktop by clicking on the upload button.
    Artboard 64-1
  5. Next, click on the Remove Background button. Your images will now be processed and replaced with your desired background.
  6. Once you are done, you can choose to save your images over the original copies or as a new file.