[Android] Enhancing Image Sharpness on the Google Pixel 7

Bigger sensor means bigger depth of field and narrower plane of focus, also optics plays a big role and how each manufacturer implements it. It is not a problem with the camera, just simply take photos from further with 2X, if you want up close shots, play with different focal lengths to see what suits your wanted result.

With the Google Pixel 7 , they have the Macro focus mode - To get to your Macro Focus settings, you just need to either swipe down in the viewfinder or tap the pill button with a camera icon in the top left corner. From there, you should see a “Macro Focus” section.

There are three modes: off, auto, and on. Leaving Macro Focus in “auto” will let it operate as normal, automatically switching to Macro Focus when it detects a close subject. The “off” mode will keep the Pixel 7 Pro from turning on the feature ever. “On” will lock the Pixel 7 Pro into Macro Focus mode, giving it sort of a genuine Macro mode that we’re used to seeing in other devices.