What are the GemLightbox app's video rotation and speed?

Video Modes

There are 3 video modes that you can use with the GemLightbox Application. Simply tap the 360° icon to change the rotation of your video.


360-Degree Video

Capture all the details of your jewelry in a single touch. Perfect for one-of-a-kind pieces,  e-commerce, and inventory.


90-Degree Video

The 90-degree video can be used to highlight the most important features of your jewelry. This mode is great for engagement rings or loose stones, and for sharing directly to customers or social media.


45-Degree Video

This option is also incredibly useful for highlighting the important features of your jewelry pieces, without having to capture a full revolution.


Video Speed

There are two-speed settings that you can use within the GemLightbox Application. Simply tap the icon above Speed to select your speed setting. 



The fast speed option captures videos at approximately 8 (45-degree) or 15 seconds (360 and 90-degree). This option is suitable for speed photography. 



The slow speed option captures videos at approximately 15 (45-degree) or 30 seconds (360 and 90-degree).  This option is great for more exquisite pieces where you want your customers to focus on the details of your pieces or loose gems.


The video below highlights the different video options within the GemLightbox Application.


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