What are GemLightbox's shooting angles?

GemLightbox Shooting Angles

There are several ways to position your smartphone with the GemLightbox for jewelry photography. However, for optimal results, we recommend utilizing the 2 shooting angles demonstrated below with the supplied smartphone stand.


The Front Shooting Angle

The front shooting angle is the main shooting angle for your jewelry products.

Simply position your jewelry inside the GemLightbox and attach the magnetic reflector to the front. The reflector can be attached either vertically or horizontally. Then, adjust the phone stand so that your products are in full frontal view.


Top Shooting Angle

The top shooting angle is useful for capturing a bird's eye view of pendants and brooches that lay flat on the Photography Table or GemLightbox Turntable.

Simply remove the diamond-shaped lid from the top of the GemLightbox, position your smartphone's camera lens over the opening, and capture.

 Here is a video demonstrating both shooting angles in action: 

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