What are GemLightbox's lighting options?

GemLightbox Lighting Options

Every GemLightbox is fitted with “Sparkles” and “Daylight”


Use Sparkles to bring out the blind facets and sparkles in your gemstones and diamonds, or bring out the fires in opals. To use Sparkles, simply press the Sparkles button on the side. Sparkles do not change the true color of your metal tones or gemstones.


Use Daylight to bring out the warmer tones in your jewelry. Daylight works best with colored gemstones and a hand photography. To use Daylight, simply press the Daylight button on the side. Please note that your images will not appear on a white background when you shoot with Daylight.


Sparkles and Daylight work best when shooting videos and can be used together to bring the best out of your jewelry!

The video below illustrates the different lighting options of the GemLightbox and their functions. 

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