How to use the manual focus?

The GemLightbox application features a manual focus option that allows you to manually adjust the focus of your images. This ensures that your images and videos are always in focus.

To access the manual focus please follow the steps below:

Android Smartphone Devices

1. Open the Settings on the GemLightbox app.


2. Make sure you have Save photos in max resolution enabled. Manual focus is only available when this option is enabled.



3. Toggle on Enable manual focus.



4. Open the camera and tap the Manual Focus Icon.


5. Adjust the slider until your images appear in full focus.



iOS Smartphone Devices


1. From the Home Screen, access the Settings from the top-right corner.



2. Toggle on Enable Manual Focus.



3. The Manual Focus icon will now be available on the Camera. Tap the icon and adjust the slider left or right accordingly.



If you have questions, please contact us on live chat or submit a ticket here. We are always happy to help you!


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