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How to set camera ratio in the Gemlightbox App

Here's how you can easily switch your camera ratio based on your social media upload.

  1. Open the Gemlightbox Application and make sure you are under the latest version
  2. Go into Camera
  3. Click on the Gemlightbox Pro filters:

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 11.17.01 AM

4. Go into camera settings:

5. Select "Enable Camera Aspect Ratio" and toggle ON

6. Once camera aspect ration is On, go back to the Gemlightbox Pro filters > select Camera Ratio: 

7. You will now be able to select any social media camera ratio from here on: 


Quick note: For Instagram Reels, you may use the Tiktok 9:16 ratio as they are of the same screen size. Just proceed to capture the video > then save it > upload it to either your Instagram Reel or Tiktok content.