How to photograph necklaces and pendants?

Using the custom necklace and earring stand, attach your necklace or pendant by wrapping the length of the chain through the grooves and center the item. You may find it easier to tape the excess length behind the stand so that your items stay in place.  Now align the stand on top of the magnet inside of GemLightbox, place the reflector onto the front, and shoot from the front.

You can also place the necklace flat on the photography table to capture the side details of the pendant. Shoot from the front.

For larger items or items with thicker chains, place them onto the photography table and shoot from the top.


We are also excited to share with you our GemLightbox Aerial. It allows you to capture photos and rotating videos of your dangling pieces of jewelry with just one click of your smartphone! Please see the video demo below.


If you have questions, please contact us on live chat or submit a ticket here. We are always happy to help you!


Take 360 videos using your smartphone