How to add a logo or watermark on photos or videos?

The following are the steps to add a logo or watermark to your photos or videos.

1. Go to the app’s settings by clicking the icon found on the upper right corner of the app’s interface. Then, click on “Logo”
2. Click “Add Logo” to insert your logo or watermark
    • To position, long-press on the logo and drag to the desired location on the photo grid or you can use the default positions
    • To resize, long-press, and drag the northwest-southeast arrow icon to the northwest to minimize or southeast to enlarge the logo until the desired size is achieved
    • To pivot, long-press the rotate icon and turn the logo either clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired rotation is achieved
    • To delete, simply click the X icon
    • To add another logo, click on the button and select your a new logo
3. Lastly, tick on “Enable Logo” to add your logo or watermark on all the images and videos that you will capture


    The logo or watermark will only be added to images and videos captured while the logo function is enabled and you will be unable to remove or edit the logo after adding it.


    If you have questions, please contact us on live chat or submit a ticket here. We are always happy to help you!


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