How do I best capture photos and videos of silver pieces of jewelry?

Silver pieces of jewelry can be challenging to capture due to the its highly reflective nature an little contrast between the lighter shades of white shot against a white background. That being said, we need to adjust the settings until you get the configuration to capture a good photo of your silver jewelry. As a start, you can try the following steps below:

  • Check and install any updates both for your smartphone and the GemLightbox application.
  • On the GemLightbox application settings, toggle on the enable white balance setting button.
  • Then, turn off both Daylight and Sparkles lighting options.
  • When you are using the zoom, use it moderately (about 2x zoom) into your images. If you zoom in 4x or more you'll start to see the image quality degrade rapidly.
  • Before capturing photos or videos, adjust the white balance on the application accordingly by moving the slider left or right.
  • We are also excited to share with you ourĀ GemLightbox Eclipse. It allows you to capture videos and images of your silver pieces of jewelry on a beautiful black background!

    The GemLightbox Turntable will be required to operate GemLightbox Eclipse.