At Picup Media, we've worked with over 10,000+ jewelers around the world. Starting as an image retouching company, we found the biggest issue that our clients faced was capturing high-quality images for our team of designers to properly and efficiently touch up. Finding no suitable photography solutions on the market, the Picup Media team went to work and created the GemLightbox.

Now, jewelers of any level can effortlessly capture and share beautiful images and videos of their jewelry with a single click!

What’s Included?

Inside the GemLightbox Basic Set, you will find:

  • 1 pc GemLightbox
  • 1 pc Photography table
  • 1 pc Necklace & earring stand
  • 1 pc Magnetic stand
  • 1 pc Smartphone holder
  • 1 pc Power cable with universal adapters
  • User Manual. You can access the user manual, help articles, and video demos through the GemLightbox application.
  • Simply go to the app and click on Settings and then Tutorials.
  • You can also check our YouTube Channel for helpful information.
  • Other Resources