Setting Up Your GemCam

GemCam: Taking Photos and Videos

Capturing the perfect shot is as easy as 1, 2, GemCam!

  • Connect the GemCam to the Computer
  • Power on the GemCam. There will be a green indicator when it is turned on.
  • Login to the GemHub using: Check if Power button is turned on.  A green light will indicate that the power is on. Once logged in, you will be able to see an option for GemCam.
  • Click on the GemCam button to activate GemCam.
  • On the right hand menu, click on the ‘Connect’ button
  • A screen with the GemLightbox Pro available to be connected will appear. Select the serial code that matches the one on your GemLightbox Pro and click on Connect.
  • Once connected, the serial number of the connect GemLightbox Pro will appear.

  • Before starting the shoot, ensure that following settings are toggled on:
  • Select the function that you will like to use with the GemCam.
  • Click to Capture
  • If you have any issues setting up your GemCam, please visit our troubleshooting guide.

    Capture the Perfect Angle

    Adjust both the height and angle of the GemCam to capture the perfect angle of your products by pushing up or down on the camera module.

    Press both buttons simultaneously to release the camera module’s position, allowing you to switch between a 45° angle, ideal for capturing the brilliance of loose gemstones, and a 90° angle, perfect for a capturing a top-down view of your products.

    Staying Focused

    Once the GemCam is in position, it will automatically focus onto the item. Please note that the focal range of 5–10 cm (2–4 in). For best results, ensure the jewelry is placed within this focal range. Should you have any issues with the focus, please read this article here.

    Lighting Options

    The GemCam features built-in Sparkle & Yellow Lights, designed to enhance the natural brilliance and true colors of your jewelry and gemstones. The lights can be used together or separately, at three adjustable intensities. Simply press the button to customize your desired effect effortlessly.

    Sparkle Lens

    A sparkle lens is pre-installed into the GemCam and is designed to bring out the maximum sparkle effect in your jewelry and gemstones. The sparkle lens can be removed by unscrewing it from camera module.

    Precautions for Use

  • Dust Prevention: Avoid touching the lens directly. Use an air blower or microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • Liquid Prevention: Avoid contact with liquids or moisture to prevent stains and blurry images.
  • Breakage Prevention: Lenses are made of high-quality glass. Store in the case after use to prevent damage.
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