Avoiding shaking of jewelry when using the GemLightbox Pro

Shaking occurs when your jewelry or photography environment (e.g. table vibrations or outside traffic) is not completely stable or it can also be due to the design of the jewelry piece itself.

The shaking amplifies due to the pendulum effect whilst rotating. The immediate suggestions you can implement are:

  • To wait until the earrings or pendant stop shaking before recording a video. You can minimize the time you need to wait for it to stop shaking by holding the earrings and releasing your grip slowly, after placing them into the magnetic holder.
  • To record the video in the slow speed setting. This slower movement will minimize the shaking.
  • For designs which only have 2 points of support which can make it unstable, we recommend using blutack or the jeweller’s putty to hold the piece in place. This can be placed at the anchorage points to stabilize the jewelry piece.