Setting up the GemLightbox Pro

The Gemlightbox Pro is the All-in-One Gemlightbox, everything is built in with inclusions that are fast and easy to use.

Before setting up the GLB Pro, make sure that you have downloaded the GLB App in your phone for ease of use and to capture your images and videos once set up is done for the GLB Pro.

For iPhone users, you may download here.

For Android users, you may download here.

To review the set up process manually, kindly read the following steps:

  • Download the GLB Application to your Smartphone:
  • Plug and Power on your Gemlightbox Pro:
  • Add your adjustable lights to the side magnetic strips, this will provide extra shine and detail to your jewelry pieces when captured:
  • Connect your smartphone to the GLB Pro via Bluetooth:
  • Place your Smartphone on the GLB Pro Stand for front on shots:
  • Or place your smartphone on top of the GLB Pro. Make sure that the top lid is open to capture from the top for flat lay or top shooting angles:

  • For Jewelry pieces and how to set them inside the GLB Pro:
  • Here is a setup video to show you how to set up the GemLightbox Pro: