Setting up the GemLightbox Macro

Before setting up the GemLightbox Macro, please ensure that you have the latest version of the GemLightbox Application installed on your smartphone device.

Step 1: Set Up The Smartphone Stand

Please ensure to remove the front Macro cover and your smartphone case, if any.

1. Lift the lock counterclockwise to loosen the smartphone holder.

2. Pull down the smartphone holder to adjust the smartphone holder to the correct height. Ensure that the smartphone camera lens is pointing right into the Macro lens. 

3. Push the width adjuster towards your phone. Lock it by rotating clockwise./col

Step 2: Choose the correct loose stone disc

GemLightbox Macro comes with three (3) loose stone discs to match the size of your loose stones.

  • Small for stones under 1ct
  • Medium for 1 -10ct
  • Large for 10ct and above
  • The loose stone discs come in 3 colors - white, grey, and black.

    Simply place the loose stone disc on top of the metal stand inside of the GemLightbox Macro and firmly push it down to secure it in place.

    Step 3: Positioning your loose stone

    Correct positioning of your loose stones is critical to the quality of the 360-video. Position the loose stone correctly to capture the details of the gems or diamonds in the best light possible.

    Always position the gem in the center of the disc; otherwise, the gem will be carried farther away from the center of the turntable when it rotates. The disc comes with a groove to mark the center point. Place the gem right on the groove and start shooting.

    Use the width and height adjustment to position the gemstones closer or farther away from the lens.

    Small stones should be moved closer to the lens and large ones farther away from the lens to achieve the optimal result.

    4. Using the Macro lens

    When using the Macro lens, ensure the following:

    • The Macro lens is on before starting photography.

    • Keep the lens away from water and other liquids.

    • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens from time to time to ensure the best results.